A BBC for Tabatha's tight MILF asshole

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A BBC for Tabatha's tight MILF asshole

"In my free time, I like to masturbate, fuck my husband and have sex with other men," said 46-year-old Tabatha Jordan, who, in this scene, has sex with "other men." The other man is 21-year-old John, who has a big, black cock. And he uses that big, black cock to fuck Tabatha's mouth, pussy and ass and cum in her ass.

Tabatha used to be a gymnast and a gymnastics coach, so she's flexible. But it's not just her limbs that can twist and bend. Her pussy and asshole are also flexible. They stretch to accommodate big cocks and then shrink back to their pre-fuck size. And they do a lot of stretching since Tabatha's husband likes to watch her fuck other men.

"I like to drive him crazy."

This black cock in her ass should do the trick!

Tabatha works in business administration and finance. She says she does porn "for fun. Doing this is sort of my escape from everyday life." Read More »
Featuring: Tabatha Jordan and John Long
Date: July 1st, 2023
Duration: 23:53

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