Tiny Pixie Fuck Doll

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Tiny Pixie Fuck Doll

Do you like pint-sized teens? Do you want to fuck a girl who can suck a cock the width of her wrist? Would you give anything to lock down a piece of ass who is bisexual, willing to involve you in a threeway, has a crush on that dumpy dude Seth Rogan, and describes anal sex as "very nice?"

Meet Lucie. She's 19, grew up on a reservation in Nevada, stands 4'11" tall, and weighs 91 pounds. She's goofy, sexual, and willing to try anything once. "When I was younger, I would show off to all of the guys on my rez that I can eat an entire cupcake in one bite. It wasn't until I was a little older that I realized they were all fantasizing about me deepthroating their cock when I did that. Surprisingly enough, it was good practice! The first time I sucked a dick, I took it all the way into my mouth and swallowed his cum like that.

"I'm into BDSM sex and I love having my asshole licked and fucked while I'm tied down. It's liberating to not have any power and just allow myself to feel good and… Read More »
Featuring: Lucie and Bambino
Date: January 15th, 2022
Duration: 21:15

Member Comments

Lucie is a beauty teen, Yeah love to see her in a three-way FMM soon. Want to see Lucie rub those cocks off until those guys splash in her mouth :)) I like "Mr. Dicks " too ;)) Lucie needs mature cocks too:)) A three-way FMM or gangbang with older white men would be awsome :) I also want to see them come in her mouth and on her nice face :) I am convinced that it will be a hot hardcore scene !!! :))) Lucie has got a lot of potential, Lucie is gangbang material for sure. Such a wonderful teen :))
Bring Lucie back 4 more !!!!

Lucie looks very very cute and a beautiful teen cocktease. !!! Pair her up with Mr. Dicks !! Wannee see her ride his cock long reversed cowgirl style. I want to see her sit on his dick (reversed cowgirl) and riding him and Mr. Dick grabbing Lucie at her side and pounding long and hard and deep strokes while she sits on him. Then I want Lucie to lie on the bed buttocks wide open during doggy on bed when being fucked by Mr Dicks and then doggy on hands and knees on the bed and last missionary with Lucie legs open wide and her knees to her breasts for good deep pounding. Nice facial happy endings and eating & swallowing cum!!!

more more Bambino...

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