Gracie Loves Cock

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Gracie Loves Cock

Job: Student; Age: 19; Birthday: April 5; Height: 5'3"; Weight: 117 pounds; Bra Size: 32DD; Panties: Thongs; Anal: I'm curious; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Hell, yes; Lives: Pikesville, Maryland.

Gracie is a newcomer who will probably be a superstar soon. Why are we so confident? Well, take a look at her. She's enthusiastic, pretty, has a great set of knockers and her pussy gets wet just from her thinking about cocks and cameras. All in all, she's got the makings of a pornstar. But, she's not there yet.

"Deep down, I'm just a nerd," she told us. "I don't dress glamorously or anything when I'm in public. I'm your run-of-the-mill girl who happens to like watching Marvel movies almost as much as I like fucking. In fact, I used to watch movies with my ex in his basement, and I'd ride him while we both watched TV. It was awesome."

We asked who Gracie's favorite superhero is. "I'm a big Spiderman fan. Tom Holland, the guy who plays him, is a cutie pie. It's funny, though. I normally like… Read More »
Featuring: Gracie and Nicky Rebel
Date: January 8th, 2022
Duration: 25:29

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