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Farm Fresh

Carmen's family lives on a farm and she often works in her dad's stable. Although it sounds wholesome, Carmen is anything but. Sure, she comes across as fresh-faced and sweet. But she's really a bit of a wild child. Carmen likes rough sex and her favorite position is standing up. "I've had sex in a car and at school, but I want to try other places, too."

A stable is an odd place to get naked, but we can ignore the sawdust if it means getting to see Carmen's tiny tits and tight body. She starts rubbing her pussy through her underwear and decides to take it inside where it's more comfortable.

You can tell that Carmen likes it rough and fast just by the way she works her pussy with her fingers. But more of that later. For now, sit back and enjoy this farm-fresh babe's naughty pussy show. Read More »
Featuring: Carmen Rae
Date: February 28th, 2022
Duration: 13:49

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