Tiny Racer

When we met tiny cutie Violet, we were blown away by how small she is. "I wear an extra-small dress size," she informed us. That much was apparent. This diminutive dynamo stands just 4'10" and weighs 100 lbs. soaking wet. She is the definition of a spinner.

"I'm an energetic person," Violet shared with us. "I like going to the gym and going for runs. I used to dance ballet, so I take dance classes for fun and for exercise. It's fun, and it allows me to move my body. Do you know what else lets me use my body? Fuckin'! I like to have sex at least twice a week. If I'm in the early stages of a relationship, I need to get screwed at least once a day."

Violet isn't just a girly girl. She's also a gear head. "I go to track days whenever I can. I love car culture. I've got a basic car now, but someday I'd love to own a cool sports car. It could be an American Detroit muscle car, or even a Japanese racer. I just want to drive and work on something fast. Or, you know, I could find a hot older guy with a couple of cars that he lets me work on and drive. I'd love that!"
Featuring: Violet Gems
Date: August 10th, 2022
Photos: 107

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