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Featuring: Tiffany Watson
Date: February 26th, 2017
Photos: 49
We're wrapping up this piss-soaked weekend with Tiffany, who elicited many letters and emails from you members when she was posted last time. Well, this golden set is sure to become your new favorite. Tiffany, we've heard that peeing isn't the only kind of squirting you do. "Yes. I recently discovered that I can squirt during sex too. It completely took me by surprise. When it happened I actually thought I had peed myself. I was super embarrassed, but the guy reassured me that it was really hot. Later on I looked it up online, and that's when I realized I had squirted. I've done it one other time. I'm learning about it and how I can make it happen more often." Where were you when you first squirted? "I was actually in the storage closet at school.

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