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Featuring: Sabrina
Date: June 19th, 2016
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It's not a first for us to have a pregnant woman in our magazine, but it's certainly a rarity. Sabrina is an Eastern European currently living in England. She told us that her husband helped her with what she called a "photo project." She explained, "I had to ask him several times before he agreed to take these pictures. If I don't do something like this now, I probably won't ever do it," Sabrina told us. "After the baby comes, I don't anticipate having much free time to have sex with my husband. And even though I have never felt sexier or more womanly, I think that my husband is wishing that I had my old body! I'm doing this to feel sexy, wild, and lusted after again. Besides, my tits have never been bigger than they are right now! My nipples are so sensitive!".

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July 02, 2016
An action scene with her would be absolutely PRICELESS!

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