Bushed Beauty

Nika is a cute college student who prioritizes comfort over sexiness...sometimes. "If I'm going to class or hanging out with friends, I like to wear jeans and a tee," Nika told us. "But, if I have a date that I'm excited about, I'll wear cute underwear and a nice bra. If I know I'm going to have sex, then I'll dip into my lingerie drawer and find something that'll blow the guy's socks off."

When Nika's panties drop, you'll notice her very erotic pubic hair. It's not a full-on bush by Bush Baby standards, but her fuzzy honeypot is still very nice. "I can't make up my mind about whether I prefer having a bush or shaving everything. But, that's the beauty of having hair down there. I can just choose whichever style I want for that month or year. Right now, I love having a bush."
Featuring: Nika
Date: September 12th, 2022
Photos: 143

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