Might As Well Cum

Might As Well Cum

Natalie told us that she was feeling horny as hell, so we told her she should just make herself cum.

"Yeah, I might as well. It would probably make me feel better to rub my clit till I'm all juicy and then finger myself till I get off. It's better than raking these leaves anyway. If I'm going to get all sweaty it might as well be 'cause I'm cumming instead of doing chores! And I have to admit, it's nice feeling the sun and breeze on my bare slit. I'm still pissed I got rejected, though. But whatever. That guy is a dork. There's plenty of cocks out there for me to tackle, and I'm not going to waste any time getting to them!"

We told Natalie that guy must be the biggest loser in the world. She'll find someone new.

"I know and I can't wait! I'm going to deep-throat their cock super crazy, swallow their cum and then fuck them like they've only dreamed about."
Featuring: Natalie Star
Date: January 13th, 2019
Duration: 97

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