Melody is in her 40s and ready to show off her big tits poolside before a solo finger session.

Melody is in her 40s and ready to show off her big tits poolside before a solo finger session.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the beautiful, adventurous, sexy and down-to-Earth Melody. Here are some excerpts from an interview we had with this 45-year-old sexpot.

Let's start with some fun! If time were frozen for 24 hours, what would you do? Where would you go?

"Oh, that is fun! If I was the only person able to move around, I'd definitely do something mischievous and prank some friends. I would probably drink wine and strip people naked so when they woke up, they'd be super confused. I might take a peek at some guys' cocks that I'm curious about. There's a guy at work who I'm pretty sure has a huge hog, but he's married and I can't ask to see it.

It sounds like you have a good sense of humor. What makes you laugh?

"Dad jokes, animals with an unusually high sense of self-esteem and social media memes."

What kinds of things make you horny?

"Seeing a crush performing or doing something really well. Like, playing music or giving a presentation. Confidence turns me on. I like it when men take the lead, too."

It sounds like you're more passive and like a man to be assertive. Would you ever make the first move? For example, would you fuck a guy on the first date?

"It depends on the date! If there's a good connection, then yes. Sometimes a first date can just be a fun interaction with a stranger. Sometimes it leads to something more, like sex. I went on a date recently where the guy was nice, but I could tell I didn't want to go on any more dates. But he was hot, so I took him back to my house and we got it on. It was a very no-strings-attached kind of thing."
Featuring: Melody Mynx
Date: April 26th, 2023
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