Creampie Cutie Pie

Creampie Cutie Pie

Kyleigh, you told us a little story about being a tease. Care to repeat it for our horny members?
"Sure! Okay, so I had been hooking up with this guy for a while. No sex or anything, just making out mostly. He wanted to fuck me so bad. Every time we fooled around he would try non-stop to get in my pants, but I didn't let him. It's not that I'm a prude or anything, but he was so eager, I guess seeing him squirm kind of turned me on. But still, I took things really slow. After a week I finally let him suck my tits."

That's kind of mean, Kyleigh!
"Well, he kept coming back for more! I wasn't planning to hold out forever. I just wanted to see how bad he wanted it. Pretty bad from what I could tell! And if he waited till I put out, I was going to so make it worth his while. So a week after I let him suck my tits, I let him eat me out. He tried to be sneaky and stick his cock in, but I told him no! It wasn't time for that yet."

So how long did this guy have to wait?
"The next week I sucked his cock. I think he figured out what was going on. He knew what was gonna happen the next week, so he was more patient."

You finally fucked him?
"Yup! And to reward him for his patience, I let him cum in my pussy! I think waiting made the sex even better. Even though I was the one holding out, I still wanted to fuck really bad! And it was so hot feeling a guy blow his load inside of me. After he came I squeezed my pussy and felt his cum drip down my ass."
Featuring: Kyleigh Ann and Juan Largo
Date: September 30th, 2022
Photos: 144

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