Kira gives a wet T-shirt show in a pool before spreading her pussy and finger-fucking her slit in doggie-style.

Kira gives a wet T-shirt show in a pool before spreading her pussy and finger-fucking her slit in doggie-style.

Kira is a 26-year-old beauty who is effortlessly funny, sexy and fun. Enjoy reading about her sexiest encounters before seeing her strip off her bikini and finger her pussy in the sunshine.

"Once, during a choir performance in front of everyone's parents, I wore a dress, and my current boyfriend fucked me right on the stage during the final song. I ended up switching schools for different reasons, but when that boyfriend graduated, our principal told him everyone knew what happened, but they chose not to do anything because we were stellar students who were so close to graduation.

"Another favorite story took place at the Dallas Pride parade a few years ago. I was partying with some friends and went downtown alone while all of my guy friends went to a gay sex party. I walked around for hours, just shaking my ass at the functions, staring at hundreds of the sexiest shirtless gay men in strip clubs and bars, having the time of my life. After a while, I couldn't ignore it. My pussy was absolutely throbbing. I swear I felt my heart beat straight through my clit. I was so wet after a while, and it was dripping all the way down my legs and into my platform boots (no panties, of course). Well, this may be obvious, but trying to pick a man up during a gay pride parade is really fighting against the odds, you know? I was so horny I thought I was going to die, and my phone was on low battery, so I befriended a completely beautiful stranger and told my story/situation to him, and he lent me his portable charger while I stood next to him, chatting it up while copy and pasting the same message to all of the hottest guys I was matched with on tinder. It was probably 20 or 30 dudes. The message said, 'Hey, I'm in downtown Dallas for the weekend, and I'm at Pride in a tiny mini-skirt soaking wet, just begging to be fucked.' After waiting 15-20 minutes, I finally got a hesitant response from this tall, dark and handsome Russian man who made me verify I was a real person via Snapchat. I Ubered over to his cool apartment, and he fucked me over a balcony overlooking a cool part of Dallas. I kept my 9-inch platform boots on the entire time. After about an hour or two of fucking, we lay in his bed, and he invited me to stay over and shower together if I'd like. I immediately hopped out of bed wearing only my favorite white boots and said, 'Nah, thanks. I've got dancing to do.' I shuffled the night away with one of my best friends until the sun came up in a gorgeous downtown Dallas loft.

"To this day, standing with my knees pressed together that evening, trying to keep my soaking wet pussy from dripping down even more, charging my phone and spam messaging men on Tinder, was the horniest I have EVER been in my life. Had I not gotten fucked that night, I truly believe I would have died. I was desperate for that dick."
Featuring: Kira Fox
Date: September 6th, 2023
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