Taking It To The Next Level

Taking It To The Next Level

Regular readers of Newcummers may recognize Kalee. The 22-year-old store clerk from Roswell, Georgia, appeared solo in Special #172. She enjoyed the fun of posing and the rush of seeing herself in the magazine so much that she asked if she could take things to the next level and do a video for us. "Come on down!" we told her.

"I really didn't think that I'd have an orgasm, what with being filmed and there being people watching and all," Kalee said later. "But a fuck is a fuck and I soon got into it so much that it was real hard for me to remember to look at the cameras now and again. Before long, I felt my pussy starting to twitch and give me the signals it always does that it was getting real excited and an orgasm was brewing. Commando kept doing me, and soon I had a big orgasm."

"I was riding on top of Commando's cock when I came," Kalee said, "so I just let go as I usually do. After that, it was all bonus. I was on the verge of cumming again-something of a rarity for me-till we were finished. So I excused myself, went to the bathroom, and rubbed one off."
Featuring: Kalee Hunter and Commando
Date: May 4th, 2009
Photos: 60

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