Shy blonde Juliette shows off her waxed pussy and tells us about her kinks.

Shy blonde Juliette shows off her waxed pussy and tells us about her kinks.

Meet Juliette, a newcomer who is a bit of a conundrum. On the one hand, she's a shy and proper girl who played volleyball and ran cross country in high school. On the other hand, here she is spreading her cunt for you poon hounds. We asked Juliette to describe herself to us. "I'm your typical teenager," she said. "I like hanging with friends, taking afternoon naps and going on dates. I think I talk too much when I get nervous.

"I like going on dinner dates. I like food and watching cooking competitions on TV. But I don't like going to guys' houses on first dates. I don't think it's proper. I don't have sex right away, so what's the point in going over? Once I get to know a guy, it'll be game on, though. I need sex once or even twice a day when I'm in a relationship. But I need to feel comfortable in order for my horniness to show itself."

Remember when we said Juliette is a conundrum? She seems like a well-behaved girl-next-door but check this out...she's into some kinky shit. "I watch porn sometimes, and I really like watching gangbang stuff. One day, I'd like to try taking on five or six guys all at once. I'd also like to try getting pissed on and peeing on guys, too. It's so raunchy and hardcore. Pee play pushes my buttons like nothing else."
Featuring: Juliette Mint
Date: December 28th, 2022
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