Jayden Moore

When Jayden, 18, and Mal, 22, from Albany, Georgia, contacted us about fucking for the mag, they told us what they had in mind: screwing in a car or doing it in a public place. So, when a couple of SCORE Group photographers were going to Atlanta to shoot for one of the other mags, they stopped in Albany and, after some brainstorming, captured the horny pair's fantasy for us all to enjoy. "Mal has a pickup truck and I have an old (Mazda) Miata, so neither of us have backseats and we really wanted to have sex in a car," said Jayden. "And we kinda wanted to do it in a public place, too, but without too much of a risk of getting caught. Screwing in the photographers' minivan-in traffic-achieved everything."

"I guess I was surprised that I had an orgasm," said Jayden. "I mean, I knew that Mal would be able to cum: all guys can cum anywhere and any time. But us girls aren't like that, as all the readers know, I'm sure. I'd figured that I'd just enjoy fucking Mal as I always do, but not be able to cum because of where we were and the photographers and stuff. But we hadn't been fucking for long before I felt the tingling feelings starting up in my pussy and spreading through me, and soon after that I came. My first auto orgasm."

"I still can't believe how much we forgot about our surroundings," said Jayden. "I mean, it probably would have taken us being stopped by cops or the minivan having an accident to put Mal and I off what we were doing. We're used to screwing in all sorts of unusual positions because we love to experiment, so doing it in the backseat wasn't a problem. It's definitely the wildest, hottest thing I've ever done, and we'll have the mag to remind us about it when we get too old to screw anymore."
Featuring: Jayden Moore and Commando
Date: February 27th, 2009
Photos: 50

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