Pervert Next Door

Pervert Next Door

Innocent girl-next-door Erin looks like she doesn't have any secrets. She appears to be your average, free-spirited hipster with a beautiful smile and wide, doe eyes. But behind those eyes lies the mind of a pervert.

"Me and one of my exes went to a swinger's club, and we were involved in an orgy. After that, we went to this place called the fish bowl room with three other guys. They call it the fish bowl because all of the walls are made of glass, so everybody in the club could see us. I smeared cake on my ass and they all ate it off of me. Of course, we fucked after that. My boyfriend and a couple dozen strangers watched me getting turned out by three hung studs."

"I dress like a normal college girl," Erin told us. "I usually wear stuff that shows off my figure--usually it's sandals, heels, a skirt or short shorts. I'm attracted to manly men. If a guy is a biker, or dresses like a lumberjack, I'm in."
Featuring: Erin and Codey Steele
Date: February 3rd, 2017
Duration: 54

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