Babyfaced Emma is a flat-chested 18-year-old who can't stop masturbating

Babyfaced Emma is a flat-chested 18-year-old who can't stop masturbating

Emma's all grown up, but she can't fill a bra!
Sometimes flat is forever. Emma always wondered if her boobs would ever grow, but now that she's 18, it's pretty clear that she's destined to be small-breasted. Despite that, she still likes to try on her mom's lingerie for fun. "I don't really have any sexy lingerie of my own, so I go through my mom's stuff to see how it'd look on me. She has big tits so her bras are all saggy on my tiny boobs. It's kind of funny, but at least her sexy panties and thongs look good on my ass! If I ever want sexy bras, I'll have to find some A-cups or lacy bralettes."

She also plays with her mom's make-up, but it doesn't always go on her face.
"I know it's kind of weird, but sometimes I like to put my mom's lipstick on my nipples. Mine are tiny and pale, so the bright red really makes them stand out. I never told anyone before that I do this. I hope no one thinks it's too weird! I kinda always wanted to do that for a guy, but I'm not sure how he would react."

Speaking of using your mom's stuff, you told us you have a dirty little secret to share.
"Well, one time I totally fucked one of my mom's boyfriends. He was doing some work around the yard while my mom was at work, and he walked in on me trying on her underwear. One thing led to another and then he was eating my pussy. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing his head between my legs while I was standing up, still wearing my mom's saggy bra. He bent me over the bed and gave me one hell of a fucking, and I got to watch the whole hot scene from the mirror."
Featuring: Emma Ryder
Date: December 24th, 2023
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