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Elle Denay

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Date: December 9th, 2009
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Elle, (5'7", 140 pounds, 34D bras) is an insurance agent. This divorcee also qualifies to be called a MILF-she has a daughter who is in college out of state-but she hates the term. "But being regarded as a cougar is okay with me, because I do go for younger guys when I'm looking to fulfill my sexual needs," she said. "Like a lot of other cougars, I'm sure, I go out with my girlfriend who's in the same situation. We give each other moral support." "I'm not into kink apart from anal sex," said Elle. "If I take a guy home with me, I like lots of oral first to get me hot. I like sucking cock and I always swallow! It's then I'll have my first orgasm if he's good with his tongue. I like screwing any way, but doggie-style is best. It's then- if the guy's a good lover and he's gotten me off again- that I might offer him my ass. I'll almost certainly cum again if he does me that way.

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