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Manhandle Ella

Ella's body is very explorable.
What a playground of white, creamy flesh this Brit beauty has! Her pale breasts are soft while her pink nipples are almost always hard--a most-arousing juxtaposition. And we can't miss that ass. Her boyshorts ride up into her crack, perfectly framing the roundness of her milky cheeks. "I have curves, but guys like that about me. They like to grab and squeeze all my juicy bits, and I like it, too. I'm not obsessed with being super skinny like a lot of other girls my age. I think I'm sexy, and I'm totally comfortable being naked in front of a guy."

Do you like to be manhandled a bit in the sack, or do you prefer gentle?
"A bit of both. I think most girls like a man who will be aggressive and show them just how much he wants them. And sometimes that means they just rip our clothes off and take us. That's hot. I also like it when a guy I'm into grabs my ass and is forward with public displays of affection. Spanking, being tossed around in bed…
Featuring: Ella Hughes
Date: February 4th, 2019
Duration: 107

Member Comments

1 month ago 
Ella would be one of the best ever, FANFUCKINGTASTIC tits and nipples, great eyes and smile, pretty lovely pussy, if it just weren't for that goddamn ink. Sad.

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