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Featuring: Elizabeth James and Alex Star
Date: October 9th, 2015
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Elizabeth James, a 5'8" piece of ass from Barberton, Ohio, is wearing a shirt that says, "Renegade." In what ways is Elizabeth a renegade? Do you really need to ask when she's sucking a stranger's cock and getting her pussy fucked hard in front of the camera? Is that renegade enough for you? "I thought I was being a renegade when I shaved my pussy, but then I found out that all the other girls were shaving their pussies, too," she said. "Then I saw my ex-boyfriend's Naughty Neighbors that he left behind, and I thought, 'If I take off my clothes for a fucking porno mag, that would make me a renegade, right?'" Right, Elizabeth. Except you took it a step further and went for the high hard one. "I know," she said, licking her lips and then smiling. "I don't think my parents will like it.".

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November 07, 2015
Elizabeth is so naturally beautiful.

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