Wide Open Teeny

Wide Open Teeny

Cali is a cutie from Dallas.
Not everything is bigger in Texas, as evidenced by this sweet petite teen. This 18-year-old is fresh out of high school and loves going to Cowboys games and watching Netflix. She also has a healthy libido with daily masturbation, frequent sex and a love of ass play.

How did you get so flexible, Cali?
"I'm a dancer. It's one of my favorite things to do. I also feel that it's kept me in good shape, which allows me to wear the short-shorts, mini skirts and crop tops that I like. I'm an exhibitionist so I like to show off a lot of skin."

Have you ever had sex in public before?
"I have several times. I love the thrill. I've had sex in parks all over my hometown, on the play-grounds there or hidden in the trees. I once had sex at the mall. That was crazy! My boyfriend started rubbing my pussy and fingering me in a store, and after that I had to fuck. I went into a fitting room and snuck him in a couple of minutes later. We kept it quiet so we wouldn't get caught, but it was still so hot! And of course I've had lots of sex in cars parked in random places. I've never been caught, but I kind of wish someone would see me in the act. It'd be a turn-on."

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Featuring: Cali
Date: July 6th, 2022
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