Shower Sex

Shower Sex

NM: Is the shower your favorite place to get your groove on?

"I don't know if it's my favorite place, but I do like it a lot. It's a nice change from the bed, and feeling the hot water running down your back while a cock is sliding in and out of you is so sexy. I like the guy to lather up my body with soap and massage my tits and ass. And in the shower you don't have to worry about anyone being dirty! I even like shower sex more than fucking in a pool or a hot tub or in the ocean. It feels better for me when I'm not underwater."

And it's easier to clean sex juices when you are in the shower.

"Yes! I don't have to worry about a guy cumming in my hair because I can wash it out right there! Normally I like to swallow cum, but when I'm in the shower I let the guy blow his load on my face."

Why do you normally like to swallow cum? Does it taste good?

"It depends on the guy, but usually it tastes good. Some guys' cum tastes too salty or sour, and I…
Featuring: Anna and Hugo
Date: August 25th, 2017
Duration: 65

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