Acrobatic Fucker

Acrobatic Fucker

Would you look at this acrobatic lil' fucker? Anastasia bounces on that dick like it's a fucking Pogo stick. She's 5'4" tall, weighs a scant 105 pounds and shouldn't be able to take a dick like J-Mac's in her snug pussy, but she somehow manages.

"I'm into stretching my pussy as much as possible," Anastasia told us. "It always hurts a little at first, but then I get into it and the pain mixes with the pleasure and it drives me nuts. My ex used to fist me. He started with three fingers one time and I don't know what got into my head, but I told him to try more. He licked my clit with his entire hand inside me and I started gushing all over the bed. I got cum drunk for the first time. I didn't know where I was or what happened for about five minutes after that orgasm!"

Anastasia doesn't just love dick. "Of course I'm bisexual," she informed us. "I have had a few girlfriends. I love girls. I love their boobs and pussy. I especially love the way girls convulse and moan when they squirt and cum. It sends my pussy into instant-orgasm mode."
Featuring: Anastasia Knight and J Mac
Date: September 4th, 2020
Photos: 187

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I love photos 118 where she's smiling and waving, all the while knowing that she knows that you just want to get a piece of that pie.

Anastasia, you could NOT be hotter,sexier,or prettier! Holy Fuck you are spectacular! Love your eyes, love your hands, love your tits; your pussy is so beautiful, awesome little ass,...what a fantastic body you have! Thank you for sharing! Please come back! I am dying to see you with your entire hand in your pussy!

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