Nikki Rayne

Nikki, 19, from Columbus, Ohio, screwed her boyfriend in our Miami studios before they flew home after vacationing in Key West. "It's the best vacation I've ever had," Nikki said. "We partied every evening, then screwed all night, slept real late, screwed some more then lay in the sun till it was time to party again. It seems like the more sex we had, the more I wanted. Is that bad? We screwed all over the hotel room including in the shower and the separate bath. We tried a lot of sex things for the first time."

"I set up our fuck session for NN way before we left on vacation," said Nikki. "There were a couple of things that worried me about it: Would I even enjoy it since we were doing it in front of camera guys, and would the pressure get to Jaye so that he couldn't get it up when he had to. The cock thing was solved right away. Jaye was hard and ready while we were still in the dressing room doing the paperwork. And me? Once we got going, I would have screwed in a busy shopping mall.

"We don't get to be together every day-I still live at home-so when we do, the first thing we do is to have sex," said Nikki. "Only then do we make plans as to what we're going to do next. Before our vacation, the only place we'd had sex was in Jaye's bed. We've tried every position for fucking that he knows of, and even checked out websites to find new ways to do it. We've done a few kinky things that I don't want to talk about, but we haven't gotten into butt sex. I'm just not ready to try it yet. I can't wait to see the magazine: It will be the ultimate souvenir of the greatest vacation I could possibly imagine."
Featuring: Nikki Rayne and A.J.
Date: December 18th, 2009
Photos: 43

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