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Added: 04/07/2011 
This 20-year-old student from North Florida decided to get some sun and breeze on her pussy as she strips outdoors and pleasures her pink pussy with a toy. Check out how far the toy goes into that sweet, young snatch to get her off.
Sarah Jackson
Added: 03/31/2011 
Sarah, 24, is from Valdosta, Georgia. She gets laid "a lot" but it's still not enough for this horny honie. So she regularly diddles herself to get that oh-so-special stress-relief that only an orgasm can give a gal. "This is the first time I've ever played with myself knowing that somebody else will see me in action. That's a real thrill for me," she said.
Nikki Johnson
Added: 03/24/2011 
Nikki, 21, is a waitress in LA. "Dipping Time" is what she calls the few minutes "most every day" when she spreads her legs for a little self-pleasuring. "I have two routines," Nikki said. "A cum quick way for when time is short and I want to cum in a hurry, and a slower, more teasing before cumming way for when I can take my time. But neither way is as good as a real dicking."
Alex Casio
Added: 03/17/2011 
Alex, 20, a student from Ft. Lauderdale. Florida, asked our stud, Shaggy, to do a kinda unusual thing before they got down to sucking and fucking. She wanted her toes sucked. He was happy to do it to get her turned on. Then they licked pussy, sucked dick and fucked till Alex earned a cum salute.
Sammi Starr
Added: 03/10/2011 
Sammi, 19, is an office worker from South Florida. She wanted to do something totally naughty and outrageous, but she couldn't bring herself to do one of out studs. She asked if she could give you guys a solo strip and play performance, and we told her that was quite okay as long as we got so see and appreciate all of her sweet, young bod. We know you guys will certainly do that.
Tara Marie
Added: 03/03/2011 
Poor little Tara Marie - just 20 and only five feet tall - doesn't have a boyfriend, but she's horny as hell. So she gets busy with her fingers on her sweet cunt and soon gets the relief she badly wants. She's so good at it that she'll probably get you off, too.
Aubrey Leigh
Added: 02/24/2011 
It's sweet pussy time and the sweet pussy here belongs to Aubrey Leigh. Aubrey is hanging out trying to read a magazine but no way. She's a Naughty babe and it's time to play the Neighbors Game. It's played by stripping naked and fingering her increasingly wet pussy until she explodes. Aubrey was a cheerleader in school and likes playing basketball in her free time. She's dribbling pretty good here. "I love art," says Aubrey. "I want to open a tattoo shop one day if I can get the financing." Aubrey gets off with guys and girls. "I love ass. I love squeezing and smacking asses. I have an ass fetish. My sexual fantasy is to make out with a cute girl in a mud puddle in the rain." Sounds like a movie! "I lost my virginity in my ex-boyfriend's truck. We were watching The Longest Yard and Nelly must have put me in the mood." Aubrey fucks her pussy a lot. That's why she's so expert in this NaughtyMag vid. "I like to play with myself while I talk to my girlfriends and boyfriends on the phone. Fingers or toys. Of course, if I use a vibrator, the person I'm talking to hears the buzzing and starts laughing. 'Are you playing with yourself AGAIN?' they ask me. Yah! I guess so!"
Allison Banks
Added: 02/17/2011 
Allison, 18, and Aliha wanted to fuck a couple of our studs, so we threw them a BBQ to see what might happen. A sex fest broke out! Here, we see Allison sucking cock like a real porn star and riding a cock hard till she earns herself a hot, jizz facial. We reckon that you'l never go to a BBQ again without thinking about Allison and Aliha.
Aliha Aldamen
Added: 02/10/2011 
Hot dogs, wet pussies and even a creampie. Way to go.. When Aliha, 25, and Allison, 18, met up in our office, they asked if they could team up to do a couple of our studs. So the foursome had a BBQ, and by the end of this video, you'll never have a BBQ with your friends again without thinking about this one!
Kaylee Kay
Added: 02/03/2011 
We don't want you to be shocked when you start watching this busty blonde babe pleasuring herself, but Kaylee has something that's kinda rare these days...pubes! Not a huge, tangled thatch, but more than what 99 percent of girls have these days. Kaylee also has long fingers, and she uses them to the max by burying them deep in her cunt as she gets herself off in a very energetic diddle session.
Jessi Foster
Added: 01/27/2011 
This 19-year-old sweetie from Colorado is not a prudish goodie-goodie (as her nipple piercings will confirm). She puts on a solo diddle session that will get you hot and bothered on the coldest night. We reckon that you'll be panting, sweating and cumming right along with her. Enjoy Jessie, guys...you deserve it!
Megan Foxx
Added: 01/20/2011 
Megan (21) and Jessie (18) have both been-solo-in Naughty neighbors magazine. Later, they both decided that they wanted to fuck a SCORE Group stud for the mag, too. The girls met each other for the first time in our office and went to lunch together. When they returned, they asked if they could give up their video-cherries together. So they went for a dip with a couple of our studs, and Megan got her wish. (You saw Jessie in action last week.)
Jessie Andrews
Added: 01/13/2011 
Jessie (18) and Megan (21) were both featured solo in NN. Later, they both decided that they wanted to fuck a SCORE Group stud for the mag, too. The girls met each other for the first time in our office and went out to lunch together. They came back asking if their stud-experiences could be combined. So they went for a dip with a couple of the studs, and Jessie got her wish. (You'll see Megan in action next week.)
Sabrina Sunshine
Added: 01/06/2011 
Sabrina Sunshine found out about Naughty Neighbors through a friend. She thought it would be a fun experience and something different in her life. Sabrina is a photographer herself and writes poetry. After some chit-chat with the cameraman, the old smoothie leads Sabrina into talking about sex, having orgasms and being satisfied. Stuff you'd get in trouble for if you asked your co-worker. After she's totally deprived of clothes, Sabrina lays back totally naked on the couch and teaches a tutorial about her pussy, using her fingers as the teaching tools. She's the kind of girl who giggles and laughs when she's feeling the pleasures of clitty tingling. A feel-good girl, very soft and girly. Masturbation and Sabrina are good friends. Advancing up the scale, Sabrina gets on her knees, sticks her butt way up in the air and works her fingers good and deep into the pink. More friction and thickness is needed so Sabrina goes for the latex cock and fills her hole with it, a big smile on her face. You can tell she really loves rubbing one or two out by her expression and the way she works that toy deep in her wet slitty. "I have six vibrators at home," Sabrina says. "And whips, too." Whips? This soft, girly girl? Can't judge a book, we guess. Catch ya later, babe and keep the whips at home!
Angel Eyez
Added: 12/30/2010 
Angel Eyez needs your help. She's lost her ride and needs to get home. She has no money but perhaps she can repay you in another way to save her from being stranded in the middle of nowhere. A show in the back seat, maybe? She'll not only open her snatch for you, she'll finger it too. It's like a private peepshow on wheels. The fragrance from her pussy juice will linger after she leaves, a momento of her all-too-short stay in your vehicle. And she's letting you videotape her as she rubs one out and licks her fingers. Would you actually turn her down? We don't think so.
Sabrina Starr
Added: 12/23/2010 
There are three kinds of girls. Those who masturbate. Those who do not masturbate. Those who masturbate in front of friends and total strangers. Sabrina Starr, well, you can guess what group she's a member of. She met the cameraman for the first time right before she lay down on the bed. Sabrina is a 22 year-old originally from Ohio who says she only dates men 40 years-old and up. She likes them nasty and direct. "I vibrate and finger myself regularly if I'm single and don't have any guys to bang me," says Sabrina. "I like to put on a little show for the right guy if I'm feeling like a cocktease. I get off more when I see a guy is hot for my pussy. Guys love to watch girls rub one out and don't believe a guy who says he doesn't. I know because I know all the tricks. I know exactly what guys like." No music allowed while Sabrina fingers so we can hear the sounds of squishing, wet cunt. She may only be 22 but she has the horny mind of a 40something. She started showing off her pussy when she was 19. Imagine how wild and dirty she'll be in 20 years.
Jamie Franklin
Added: 12/16/2010 
Two couples are happily washing a car, but, lets face it, sex is way better than doing that. While Jamie sucks Jack's dick and then take off for parts unknown, Summer and Victor go way past cock sucking to serious fucking and cumming under the hot sun.
Valerie Peters
Added: 12/09/2010 
The 25-year-old from St, Petersburg, Florida, works at getting you--the viewer--to put down the camera and give her dick. She does a damned good job of exciting herself and getting off, as the close-ups of her super-wet pussy will show you. So it might cum down to a competition--who cums first, Valerie or you? So grab your tissues and get ready for action; Valerie is waiting for you, and she can't wait forever.