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Esmi Lee
Added: 12/02/2010 
This 19-year-old student from Arizona knows what she's doing when it comes to getting herself off. She has diddling down to a fine art, but her innocence will get you going. Esmi Lee has a very juicy and sweet-tasting cunt...well, she sure likes the taste of it! Be warned! You should wear headphones while watching Esmi Lee in action unless you want people to think that you're banging a really hot chick, because she is LOUD! If that's what gets you off, you're gonna be exhausted!
Added: 11/25/2010 
Sunni is a 22-year-old student from New Hampshire who is going to get off-and she wants you to do the same. She knows how to use her fingers and "Pinky" to work her clit and fill her cunt, and she's very good at talking dirty! If you haven't blown your load by the time Sunni cums, then you'd better get back in your coffin.
Nina Nelson
Added: 11/18/2010 
This little 19-year-old (she's just 5-feet-tall) moved to South Beach, Florida, from upstate New York in search of fun and hard cocks. The self-confessed exhibitionist shows you how flexible she is, then gets herself off, hoping that you're doing the same thing with her. Grab the tissues, guys, it's Nina time!
A.J. Estrada.
Added: 11/11/2010 
A.J. Estrada, a 19-year-old exotic-looking chick from Long Beach, California, is lying on a chaise lounge, reading a magazine, on a beautiful day. The magazine bores her. Or is she just horny, and anything but a good pussy diddling isn't going to change her mood? Yeah, that must be it. Of course, she manages to tease us for a while, but the fact is, she needs it as much as we do, so before long, she's rubbing her pussy and spreading her tight little ass, and suddenly, she's not bored anymore and we're definitely not bored.

"Spank me!" A.J. begs.

Hey, no need to beg, honey. For the record. A.J. is 5'7", 120 pounds and was visiting a friend in Miami when she decided to visit our studio.

And that's why Miami is called The Magic City.
Megan Foxx
Added: 11/04/2010 
Megan, a 21-year-old office clerk from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, calls herself a camera whore, which means that in this video, she's simply playing a hard-to-get, coy bitch before she finally does what she wants to do all along: strip naked so we can see her firm B-cup tits and meaty, pink pussy. When the video opens, Megan is standing outside a house, smoking a cigarette, telling her boyfriend to turn off his video camera. "You like what you see, huh?" Megan said. "I know what you're trying to do, and I'm not going to do it. Even though it's beautiful out and I am feeling a little frisky." Of course, we know that Megan is going to do it, but the waiting makes it better, watching Megan's cute little ass cheeks peeking out from below her white short shorts, getting our dicks hard as she does an ass dance right into the camera, making it pop. It's just a matter of time, and before we know it, Megan's pussy is wide open and she has two fingers tucked deep inside her cock-tease pussy. We suspect that on her best days, Megan is much more than a camera whore.
Genesis Janes
Added: 10/28/2010 
Our first look at Genesis Janes, who's 22 and from Miami, Florida, is a good one. A very good one. Because she's walking down the street wearing a very short skirt. And no panties. And her ass cheeks are more than peeking out from underneath her skirt. Damn, half her ass is out! Hey, it is a hot day, but that hot? And although Genesis is looking to cool down once she gets inside, all she does is heat things up...with her pussy and a dildo. Genesis says she doesn't have any fetishes, but if you ask us, walking down the street wearing a short skirt and no panties sounds like a fetish to us. For the record, she's 5'1", 118 pounds, measures 34-26-36 and fantasizes about having sex on the hood of her car in the pouring rain. Did she really say no fetishes?
Jessie Andrews
Added: 10/21/2010 
Jessie Andrews, an 18-year-old store clerk from Coconut Grove, Florida, doesn't need a toy when she wants to play.

"I've never even used one," she said. "I use my fingers to get off. I rub my clit and pull my pussy lips till I'm close to cumming, then I stick my fingers in my hole and fuck it till I cum. If I'm really horny, I do it two or three times."

Once is enough in this video for Jessie, who does it outdoors by the pool and even gives us jack-off instructions before she gets to work on her pussy, telling us, "Slowly unbutton your pants, unzip that zipper, pull your drawers down a little bit, take off your undies" "damn, this is taking forever!""give it a little lube" and so on, and so on. Of course, we don't need to be told how to do it. But with a girl like Jessie, it's always nice to hear, anyway.
Emy Diaz
Added: 10/14/2010 
This kinda thing happens all the time, right? You're wandering around a house full of girls with your video camera, and you happen to wander into the wrong room. But the wrong room is the right room because sitting on a bed, wearing a tiny top and a very short skirt, is Emy Diaz, a cute little thing who's talking on the phone. She hangs up and begins to tease you. "You're making me horny," you say. "You're making me horny, too," Emy says. "Wanna stay?" Emy's tease doesn't last long. Before you know it, her tits are coming out, revealing a firm, tiny pair with caramel nipples, then she's fingering her puffy pussy, then she's using a girlie-colored toy on her pussy, and, damn, how the hell are you holding that camera steady, man?
Candie Lynn
Added: 09/30/2010 
It's hot down here in South Florida, and Candie Lynn, a 21-year-old student from Boca Raton, picked a helluva day to water her garden. Fortunately, she's not wearing much, just a little dress that doesn't even cover her ass when she bends over. "It's hot out here," Candie said. She bends over so we can see more of her ass, then takes a drink of water, spills some of it on her tits and rubs it in. Her nipples poke through. "Oh, that feels so much better," she says, and before we know it, Candie is ignoring her garden and paying attention to her pussy. She hoses it down, keeping the spigot on high, then lies down and gets on all fours. "I wish I could have a cock in my ass," she says. No cock is nearby, so she settles for a dildo instead. "It'll do," Candie said. "But there are times when I really need to get fucked by the real thing, and this was one of them." Poor Candie. Poor Candie's pussy. Lucky NaughtyMag.com members.
JC Simpson
Added: 09/23/2010 
J.C. Simpson is 18 and from New Hampshire. She's a media studies student at a school of higher learning in Baltimore, Maryland, and she was staying with a friend in Miami, Florida recently when this video was shot. She's wearing denim shorts over her tight, little ass, and she's pretty in a slutty kind of way. At the start of this video, she's smoking a cigarette, exhaling sexily, and teasing our camera man, a guy she'd just met. We don't know if he got to fuck her later on--J.C. fucked last time we saw her on NaughtyMag.com--but we know he would've liked to. Who wouldn't? So, J.C. strips slowly and shows off her firm tits and shaved pussy, which is vajazzled (to use the current term for a decorated pussy). Then she uses her fingers to stuff her pussy, a dildo not being available, and cums softly but hard, then licks her pussy cum off her fingers. "I can't wait to tell my friends at school what I did all summer!" she said. "I betcha I'm the only one who did anything like this!" Did she say all summer?
Nella Jay
Added: 09/16/2010 
Nella Jay is back to fuck for the NaughtyMag.com cameras. She's a sexy teen from Long Island (she turned 19 shortly after this video was shot) who says, "I know I look older. Maybe it's from hanging around older people." We think it's because of her tits, which are D-cups. And her face, which always has that just-fucked look. "I don't like to masturbate," Nella told us. "I like guys to make me cum." That happens in this video, which is Nella's first hardcore scene. She tells us that her stud is "gonna cum on my face." Sure enough, after he's fucked her long and hard (and received an outstanding blow job), he squirts his load all over Nella's face and leaves her glazed. And at that point, she has "future porn star" written all over her. Watch and see if you agree.
Amanda Bryant
Added: 09/09/2010 
Amanda Bryant, who's now 20 and from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, once told us, "I'm not shy at work, but I'm real shy around guys, so they think I'm a snobbish bitch." Amanda proved that she isn't really so shy by fucking elsewhere on NaughtyMag.com. In this video, she seems a bit shyer because she's so quiet, but answer this: Would a shy girl do what Amanda's doing here (which is taking off her top, squeezing her tits, making her nipples hard and then playing with her sopping-wet pussy)? No, she wouldn't. So that shy stuff? Probably bullshit. At least when it comes to sex. "Being on NaughtyMag.com has given me more confidence," Amanda said, offering a possible explanation. By the way, there are no toys in this video. Just Amanda's increasingly-wet fingers and her very wet pussy. Skin on skin, the old-fashioned way. You gotta love it.
Nella Jay
Added: 09/02/2010 
Nella, a 19-year-old hair salon receptionist from Holbrook, New York, was down in South Florida on vacation when she decided to shoot a video for the NaughtyMag.com cameras. When this video opens, she's sitting on her boyfriend's truck bed wearing a red tank top and short shorts. She's smiling, and she's obviously confident. "I think we should film a video today," she says to the camera. "We should be kinky and have fun. You know you want to see me naked and you want to watch me after we do it. What do you want to do?" The guy, our surrogate, points at her tits. "You like these? Because they're yours." We'll take 'em! "Do you want me to touch myself?" Nella says. "You want me to play with myself? You gotta let me know." Yes and yes, Nella. And she obliges, which is what this scene is all about. Nella isn't much of a tease. Around these parts, that's a good thing.
Katie Lewis
Added: 08/26/2010 
Katie Lewis, an 18-year-old college student from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, shows us what it might be like to be her boyfriend in this intimate, homemade video. It starts on a canal in South Florida. Katie, wearing a bikini top and short shorts, catches you looking at her and says, "Let's go inside the house, then I'll show you something." She shows off her perky tits, then fucks her tight little pussy silly just by using her fingers. Katie might be young, but she's very horny and kinky. Her favorite position? "Doggie style so a guy can do me deep and hard while he smacks my ass," she said. "That always makes me cum big time! If he hasn't cum with me, he can finish off in my butt 'cause that feels super good to me." Yep, Katie likes it in her ass! But you already knew that. You're her boyfriend.
Added: 08/19/2010 
You know what they say about dumb blondes? Molly is not a dumb blonde. Not in this video she isn't. The guys, though? Idiots. Total morons. They've gotten lost in South Florida, and they're looking at a map of Georgia. She helps them out. Gets into their car. Flashes her tits. "It turns me on when guys don't know where they're going," she says. Hmmmm, maybe Molly isn't so bright. But she knows what she wants. Cock. And she gets it. So maybe these guys aren't so dumb, either.
Mandy Hudson
Added: 08/12/2010 
When Mandy Hudson's boyfriend shows up with a camera, she knows exactly what to do: take her clothes off. This 19-year-old from Texas spends a lot of time in her bedroom (at least from what we've seen of her), and she knows her way around her body. Seeing the camera, she immediately unbuttons her shirt and shows off her perfect little tits. Then she starts to take off her shorts but decides to tease us instead. Don't worry. The tease doesn't last long. Before we know it, Mandy is wagging her ass into the camera and deep-fingering her pussy in a variety of positions.' "I'm kinda horny," Mandy says. We kinda got that idea.
Added: 08/05/2010 
"I'm addicted to Desperate Housewives," said Khris, a 20-year-old B-cupper from Georgia. She means the TV show, not MILFs who want cock all the time. Khris wants cock all the time, as this video proves. Really, is there anything like a chick who's horny for cock and gets some? Isn't that one of your favorite video themes. Judging from her fucking and sucking in this video, Khris isn't going to be an amateur for long. She's well on her way to becoming a genuine porn star. So enjoy her freshness while it lasts. You know those porn guys. They'll fuck the innocence right out of her.
Tiffany Summers
Added: 07/29/2010 
South Florida babe Tiffany Summers was 18 when this video was shot. She seems a little nervous during the interview portion, but she loosens up considerably when her clothes come off. She says she goes to the beach almost every day. Topless with a small thong. How small? Check out her tan line. It's barely there, so small that you might think she runs around the beach with almost nothing on. When you see her on the beach in her thong bottom, you're damn close to seeing her pussy. Of course, here, we actually get to see her pussy and more, and when she finally starts talking and starts fucking herself with a big, blue dildo, Tiffany's as loose as a girl can get. No, Tiffany, we didn't just call you loose. Not exactly.