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Kathy Lin
Added: 05/20/2010 
Kathy Lin is a 22-year-old hospitality manager from Charlotte, North Carolina. She's a long-legged brunette at 5'11", 128 pounds, and in this scene, her legs look especially nice when one is propped up on the desk and we're watching from behind as she rubs her pussy. Kathy is truly the girl-next-door with her kinda nerdy glasses, but she's actually the girl-next-door gone bad.

"My favorite fuck is on my back with my legs way up," she said. "That way, my guy can do my pussy and get me off, then switch to my butthole and pound me till he cums. I can almost cum when he does that, but not quite."

We think he needs to try harder. Kathy Lin, next time, try one of us.
Julie Chan
Added: 05/13/2010 
The fact is, Julie Chan, who's 19, doesn't really have a lot to say. She seems more interested in showing than telling. When she shows up, she sits down, and we can see right up her short, denim skirt to her white panties. Our videographer asks her for a little flash, and she quickly complies. She has nice tan lines. Nice, dark areolae, too. The videographer tries to get her to talk about sex, but like we said, she's a bit shy. But before long, Julie takes her clothes off and shoves her hand down her pink and white panties, and that's when the good stuff starts. Julie shuts up and plays with her pussy. For a lot of you guys, that's your kind of girl.
Lorna Preston
Added: 04/29/2010 
Here's Lorna Preston, a 19-year-old college student from Texas. Lorna is a longhorn...a very long-legged longhorn, although we're betting that your eyes will be on her nipples that are poking through her ultra-thin tank top, not her legs. Although you'll find time for that, too. Anyway, after a brief interview, Lorna shows us the rest of what she's got, diddling her pussy by the pool on this hot Florida day. Dive right in!
Jordan Jaimes
Added: 04/22/2010 
Jordan is a 24-year-old teacher from California. Yes, we said teacher. She teaches second grade, and if the children's parents knew what she was doing here, there'd probably be a big scandal...big, but not as big as her big, DD-cup tits. Jordan can be a little aggressive, a little tough. See how she dominates our inteviewer. Then again, in the end, he gets her naked and doing what we want to see her do. So who's dominating who? Oh, by the way, Jordan says she's a virgin. Of course, we have no way of knowing for sure.
Ivana Bianchi
Added: 04/01/2010 
In most cases, we'd say that watching a woman cook isn't much fun. Who's ever jacked to Rachel Ray? But in the case of Ukrainian hottie Ivana Bianchi, it's a lot of fun to watch a woman cook. A couple of guys hire Ivana to come over and cook for them. She shows up wearing a halter top and short skirt, tits popping out. She's surprised when she sees the video camera but decides, "Maybe it's a good opportunity for making my own show." Definitely. She goes to the refrigerator, bends over and shows off her thronged ass. She bends over again. More ass. Then she starts cooking, but not for long because the boys asks to see her tits and she happily shows them. "I love them," she says in her sexy accent. "I am proud." Before long, Ivana is cooking up some sausage...man sausage. She sticks it in her mouth (Did she say "Yummo!"?) and before long, she's getting fucked...in the kitchen, of course. No, Julia Child never did this. Rachel Ray never did this. But Ivana has. And that's why she's the next Food Network star.
Charlie Lynn
Added: 03/25/2010 
Born in Germany, now living in Pasadena, Maryland, Charlie Lynn is a small-town girl. "Everybody knows your business there," she says. "If something happens, everybody knows about it. I'm pretty much a wild child there." She's a wild child here, too. She's wearing an orange, off-the-shoulders top that comes off her shoulders more and more as she speaks, and when our videographer pops the question, she shows us her tits. Then she tells us some hot sex stories. "I'm always finding trouble," Charlie Lynn says. She definitely finds it in this 20-minute video as she shows off her ass, fingers her pussy and moans so loudly, if she were back home in Maryland, she'd wake up the entire town. We're guessing she's done that a few times already.
Nikki Brooks
Added: 03/18/2010 
Our videographer is walking down the street when he sees, up ahead, a damsel in distress. She's wearing a little, pink, sexy dress, and she's limping to her car.

"Are you okay?" he asks.

"Yeah, I twisted my ankle I think," she said. "My heel must've got stuck in the grass."

He offers to take her to the hospital, but she asks him to help her get back to her apartment?

Now, at this point, you might wonder, "Hasn't she noticed his camera?" and "Is he going to carry her back to her apartment?" The answer to your questions: Apparently not and no. It would be nice of him to carry her, but he just follows her...and keeps hitting on her! What a pig! She invites him up to her apartment on the second floor, but again, he doesn't do anything but follow her and look up her dress when she bends over. What a slob!

When they get to her apartment, she gets into bed, and he notices that she's not wearing underwear.

"You're flashing me," he says.

"I'm flashing you?" she says. "I just don't like wearing panties." And the show continues!
Anaya Lee
Added: 03/11/2010 
In this video, the first thing we see is skinny little Anaya Lee bending over, showing off her ass that's encased in white shorts. It must be a hot day because Anaya Lee suddenly starts hosing herself down, and we all know that few things are better than a wet, sexy young chick. There's no dialogue in this video. Just cock-hardening views of Anaya Lee spreading her legs, hosing down her pussy and fingering it vigorously. Very vigorously. Anaya Lee is betting that you can't jack your cock faster than she can finger her pussy. Are you up for the bet?
Tatiana Del Villar
Added: 03/04/2010 
Tatiana is 31, which qualifies her to be a MILF (although she's not a mother). That's important because a 21-year-old girl might be a little hesitant to do what Tatiana does in this video, but a 30something woman won't be. So... when the video opens, we're at a marina in South Florida. Tatiana is wearing a tight, white T-shirt and a very short, denim skirt. She's on the phone, but our rude cameraman interrupts her anyway. She's shopping for boats. He wants to go shopping with her. She's a bit freaked out by our cameraman who invites her up to a friend's apartment to see the view. Of course, the only view he wants to see is the one he'll get when she bends over. Well, she falls for the oldest line in the book-what is it with these porno chicks?-or maybe she knows it's a line and just wants to fuck. Like we said, she's a MILF. Well, in the end, Tatiana doesn't go shopping. She goes sucking and fucking with our big-dicked stud. And that's what being a MILF is all about.
Talana Gold
Added: 02/25/2010 
Born in Chicago, now living in Las Vegas, Talana Gold is very cute at 5'3", 114 pounds with a sexy, young girl's voice and a tight body. We love her body, but we also love that she doesn't care how big a guy's cock is as long as it's hard. Talana has C-cup tits and a nice, big ass that she enjoys jiggling in our faces. She's very eager to show off, spreading her ass, then spreading her pussy and playing with it, then buzzing it inside and out with her vibrator. Very nice. We think we've struck gold.
Katya Melrose
Added: 02/11/2010 
If you like sexy Russian girls with sexy accents, you're gonna love this video of 23-year-old Katya Melrose. When it opens, Katya's sitting by the pool, flirting with our cameraman, something she does very well. She's living in Miami, Florida now, having moved from Russia, and there are two very sexy things about her (besides her body, of course): 1. She's a babysitter. 2. She's studying to be a nurse. Many of us have fantasized about fucking the hot babysitter, and many of us have nurse fantasies. Katya, who loves going to the nude beach, has the body and the attitude to help us fulfill both of those fantasies. So have at her!
Sophia Layne
Added: 02/04/2010 
In this video, Sophia, who's 19 and from Tempe, Arizona, shows exactly how far she'll go to make a sale. She's a young real-estate agent who just got her license and is looking forward to selling her first house. Her potential client is a horny fuck who just got divorced. He's lonely. He keeps telling her that. She gets the message. Hey, she's young, but she's not stupid! Does Sophia make the sale? Who knows? Who cares? But she definitely makes good use of that big backyard, and that's definitely gonna be a selling point.
Ginger Taylor
Added: 01/28/2010 
"I'm going to tell you why older women are better at sucking cock than younger women," says Ginger Taylor, 47-year-old housewife from Houston, Texas who's clearly making some guy very happy. She then proceeds to demonstrate on a dildo, getting it all wet and messy and sucking deep. Then she fucks it, proving that older women are better at fucking, too. Don't believe it? Hey, everyone has their tastes. But we're guessing that you'll get wood for this 5'7", 142 pound D-cupper and her shaved pussy.
Gia Jones
Added: 01/21/2010 
No time is wasted in this video. When it opens, Adrienne is in some guy's bedroom, lying on his bed, wearing a sexy blue top and short shorts. She's a redhead with a tattoo on her upper thigh, which is code for, "I love to fuck." Before we know it, Adrienne is stark naked and has her fingers inside her pussy. Because this is what she does for excitement. You see, she comes from a small town in Illinois and works in a store. That can get boring. Getting naked while you jack? "That's exciting," she said. "Do it for me!"
Nevaeh Falls
Added: 01/07/2010 
This is Nevaeh, who's 20 and from Massachusetts. She recently moved to South Florida, which is our neck of the woods, and we grabbed her. Her job is delivering prescription medicine, and in this video, she tells us a good story about the time she delivered Viagra to a guy and ended up fucking him. Nevaeh makes Viagra redundant. Who needs the little blue pill when she's around? Nevaeh tells us that she loves South Florida because "it's hot all year round." Kinda like Nevaeh.
Helena Lopez
Added: 12/31/2009 
Helena Lopez, who's 25 with long hair and a tight body, is in the bath rub when her boyfriend shows up with his video camera. He says, "Let me film you a little bit. It'll be fun." She says, "What do you want me to do?" He says, "I want you to masturbate in front of me." Many girls would say, "Fuck off. Leave me alone." Not Helena. She's an exhibitionist. She likes this kind of thing. Besides, she's proud of her tiny, firm tits and surprisingly big, bangable butt. We suggest watching this video with a good supply of Kleenex nearby.
Gia Jones
Added: 12/24/2009 
Gia Jones, a 19-year-old, long-haired brunette who was born in Peru and lives in Miami, shows up at our door wearing a blue tank top and jeans.

"I'm here for the interview," she says.

"We do our interviews in the nude," our videographer tells her. "Is that okay with you?"

"That's fine," Gia says.

She takes her top off and reveals a cute, perky pair of tan-lined B-cup tits. There's almost an all-over tan elsewhere. Then she tells us that she likes her tits because they're not too big, not too small, and she loves her pussy, too. But she doesn't like other girls' pussies. Just her own. She likes cock.

"I love it," she says.

Over the course of the next 15 or so minutes, Gia opens up her ultra-pink pussy and sticks toys and two of her fingers deep inside. She's a horny Latina who's just finding out about the naughty ways of life, and she's enjoying what she has discovered so far. Have fun discovering Gia.
Added: 12/17/2009 
Nineteen-year-old Molly is now living in Las Vegas, where she's working in a bakery. She bakes bread, croissants, cookies and cakes. "I like to put frosting on my nipples." She does it at work, alone, but sometimes she gets caught, as she tells us here. She also demonstrates what happened the time she got caught. Molly is cute, sexy. She has a great voice: little girl's voice, big girl's body. We like that.