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Added: 07/20/2014 
Do you ever wish you could have a sexy 21-year-old, wriggling on your lap and grinding on your boner, wanting nothing more than to give you one hell of a show? Of course you have. We all have. That's why we love Missie. She's mysterious. She doesn't say a word in this video. First, she's jamming out to her tunes, but when she notices that you're in the room and want to see her naked, she doesn't hesitate before gyrating her hips to the rhythm, swiveling and slowly stripping off her top. It doesn't stop until she's plunging her fingers into her pussy and rubbing herself to an intense orgasm just to make you happy.
Nikki Bell
Added: 07/19/2014 
Nikki is so nice. Sure, she's hot and her 21-year-old body is lithe and fuckable, but she's so devoted to her boyfriend, you've got to respect that the most. For instance, her guy is thinking about becoming a videographer, so she strips on-camera to help him practice his shots. What a girl. She doesn't hold anything back, stripping off her shirt, bra, panties and fingering her juicy wet pussy until the sounds of her gushing slit are drowning out the microphone. He's going to need more practice if he wants a career behind the camera. She, on the other hand, is perfect and doesn't need any more practice at what she does.
Desiree Dalton
Added: 07/14/2014 
From now on when you think of sexy MILFs, you'll think of Desiree. Wait, you probably already did think of Desiree. Well, from now on when you think about three-ways, you'll think about Desiree. Since you guys told us you liked her in her solo glory, we scrounged up this video of Desiree getting fucked by two SCORE Group studs for our sister site 40SomethingMag.com. You'll love how she takes one guy balls-deep in her wet twat while wrapping her luscious lips around the base of another guy's shaft. Don't forget to check out the pics!
Ella Woods
Added: 07/12/2014 
"I can't even believe I let him talk me into doing that," Ella told us in regards to this video she submitted. "It was such a stupid thing to do. We were at my friend's house warming party and we snuck off to explore the upstairs. He found a camera and somehow convinced me to strip for him! I know it was exciting for him, and my pussy was practically dripping, but it still was super fucking stupid. He didn't tell me that he took the memory card with him, either. I woke up the next day in a complete panic, thinking that we left the evidence in their bedroom! When I found it I let out a big sigh of relief. I hope you guys like it!"
Mila Blaze
Added: 07/10/2014 
Occupation: Student; Age: 25; Born: February 16; Ht: 5'9"; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Thongs or nothing! Anal: Nope; BJs: Spit or Swallow; Diddle: All the time! "I'm Filipina, but everybody in California thinks I'm Hispanic," Mila told us. "I don't mind because I like Hispanic guys and I speak a little Spanish. I'm also fluent in Tagalog, which is the language of the Philippines. I've always been very studious. I used to tutor kids in my high school and in college. If the guys were cute and I was single, I would trade one article of clothing for every correct answer. I can't believe I never got caught! If I had a dollar for every time I found myself topless in a guy's room with a textbook open, I would be rich."
Natalia Brooks
Added: 07/05/2014 
Do you want a sneak peek into the horny sex lives of Natalia Brooks and her boyfriend? Oh, you do? Shocker. We begin by hearing Natalia gripe about doing all the chores in the house. She's the one who waters the garden. She's the one who does the dishes. Yawn. Somehow her silver-tongued guy convinces her to strip down and play with her pussy on-camera anyways. What a fuckin' champ. "I love showing off for the camera," Natalia told us. "I love being exposed like that. My boyfriend has hours and hours of footage of me just walking around naked, or masturbating on the couch, stuff like that. We even have a few hardcore threesomes filmed. Those are just for us, though. We're not sharing!" Bummer.
Added: 07/03/2014 
As the girls and guys keep partying, they notice that Trish and Chino are missing. It doesn't take them long to find the couple in a back room, just settling down for some action. Having a bunch of voyeurs watching and making comments doesn't stop Trish from getting into enthusiastic cock sucking. She gets her pussy licked in return, then she gets to enjoy Chino's big dick--in front of the crowd. Trish, cums, Chino cums, and we go! Hope you all enjoyed this Naughty Neighbors' house party. Let us know if you want to see more of them.
Jenna Bouche
Added: 06/30/2014 
MILFs are great, aren't they? Check out how Jenna loves having her body worshipped by her guy. She teases him, dancing around in skimpy lingerie and demanding he doesn't touch her until she's ready to fuck. Of course, with a slut like Jenna, that doesn't take long. As soon as she has his cock out of his boxers, it slides down her throat. That's when all bets are off. She rides him, he fucks her in doggie-style and he slams her pussy in every other imaginable angle. After a few orgasms she wants it in her ass. That's when a MILF's skills are most apparent. She doesn't need butt foreplay like a younger girl; she just takes his cock and pops it in her butt. We fuckin' love MILF Monday.
Jessi Grey
Added: 06/28/2014 
Seriously, what could be better than a shy, young Latina shedding her clothes, showing off her adorable panties and fingering her tight, wet snatch? Absolutely nothing, that's what. Jessi is a self-described "horn-dog" with a huge sexual appetite, but she's nervous about being in front of the camera. She hails from just outside Dayton, Ohio, where people would be shocked to see her stripping down and spreading for our site. "I've got a reputation of being a goody-two-shoes, and this might put an end to that. Just because I'm sexual and I don't mind people seeing me naked, it doesn't make me a slut. I can't stand that word. There's a total double standard against women with high libidos. I mean, I like having my ass licked and my pussy fingered, what's wrong with that?" Nothing, Jessi. There's nothing wrong with that.
Added: 06/26/2014 
As the horny house party continues, things get hot out in the living room as Ynnes and Trish start to make out with their guys. It's not long before fooling around is replaced by pussy licking, cock sucking and hard fucking while other guests look on, make comments and, in a few instances, cop a quick feel or lick for good measure. Normally, couples acting like this are told to, "Get a room!" These horny people say, "Fuck that!"
Tracy Licks
Added: 06/24/2014 
How many licks does it take to get a cougar like Tracy off? You would probably lose track if you attempted to count, but each lick and taste of her sweet cougar pie is the tastiest dessert you'll have all day. Jason definitely has a taste for cougars and he doesn't waste any time as he quickly peels Tracy's panties off and devours her MILF cunt. "You like the way I'm touching your kitty?" Jason asks. "Oooh...you've done this before," Tracy responds with excitement. Tracy returns the favor and wraps her experienced lips around Jason's monster black cock. That's just an appetizer for Tracy, though. Soon after, Jason fills every crevice of Tracy's vice tight cunt with his jumbo-sized black cock. When it's all over, Jason's dick is covered in Tracy's juices and her face is covered in his spunk.
Tiff Bannister
Added: 06/21/2014 
Hey guys, we know that some of you just want to see a hot, young blonde getting fucked on-camera for the first time. That's why we separated Tiff Bannister's interview from her fucking movie. If you're curious about the girl behind the pussy and tits, check out this brief model interview. Tiff's nervous. She should be. She's about to get stripped naked and penetrated by the biggest cock she's ever seen...all on film. She's got a lot riding on this, too. She's a famous celebrity. She's got fans. She's even got a few theme songs written about her. Perhaps that's why she's chatting away nervously. Or maybe it's because she's a young girl and she's shy. Either way, it's endearing. We get to hear her triumphant rise to social media stardom, her sexual past and her plans for fuckin' in the future. Check it out!
Tiff Bannister
Added: 06/21/2014 
Today we have the hardcore debut of Internet celebrity Tiff Bannister. The YouTube and Twitter star has thousands of follower who've begged her for a glimpse of her nipple, or a profile snap of her butt. Well, we've done it now. We set her up with a hung porn stud and had him fuck the shit out of her on-camera. We don't know what her fans are going to think of this, but we don't really care. All we know is a cute blonde who has never done any adult modeling before, wanted to fuck for us. Who are we to turn her down?
Emy Diaz
Added: 06/19/2014 
Thinking that things seem a bit quiet, some of the party-goers open a bedroom door to find Emy and Commando on the bed. The horny couple proceeds to strip and Commando gets his cock sucked before they get into wild fucking while a large group of onlookers make comments and get very jealous. Could you perform at all with so many noisy people around?
Mallory Starr
Added: 06/18/2014 
Mallory is only 5 feet tall and weighs 100 pounds, but she packs a lot of sexiness into that tiny frame. Check out how flexible she is, too. She starts out this video by stretching her limber thighs, touching her pussy to the ground while doing splits. Her guy obviously wants to see what she can do naked, so he gets her to strip down to panties and a bra. He's a fuckin' genius. Soon she's pulling her white panties into her sopping wet pussy, getting them absolutely soaked. It doesn't take long before she's fingering herself to a nice, loud orgasm. Good things come in small packages, right?
Elara Elis
Added: 06/16/2014 
Elara Elis, a first-timer who shot this scene for our sister site 40SomethingMag.com, has a lot of hobbies. She's into bike riding, going to the gym, SCUBA diving, reading and sucking fat fuckin' cocks until they explode. She's a very well-rounded MILF. Check out how she's perfected her craft, taking Juan's long dong into her throat before hopping on and rocking that cock. To finish things off, she sucks it again until it sprays her chipper, smiling face. Not too shabby for a married mom, right?
Jade Jantzen
Added: 06/14/2014 
Jade and her boyfriend work at the same small business. Jade is very professional and likes to keep her professional life separate from her private life as much as possible. Her boyfriend is not very professional. What he is, however, is a horny fuck with access to his company's high-end camera. We're very happy about that, too. Without that sweet lens we wouldn't be able to check out how he convinces his girlfriend to strip and masturbate in the supply closet. He's one silver-tongued fuck. No wonder he's working in a law office.
Amai Liu
Added: 06/12/2014 
It wasn't long before the girls started getting horny. Amai Liu and Linda Lee went into a bedroom and started fooling around. Guys and girls followed them in to see what was happening. Seeing the girls naked and getting it on was too much for one of the guys who went down on Amai Liu, but he was replaced by another dude who found himself with two pussies to fuck and two eager babes to suck him off.
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