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Blonde, Freckled & Freaky

Featuring: Zelda
Date: August 29th, 2016
Photos: 54
Blonde, flat chested and freckled sex freak Zelda is fun. There's no way around it. We brought her into our studio to shoot her first-ever nude pictures, and she blew us all away. She told us that she wanted "to go to Thailand to meet the lady boys! I want to get fucked by a chick with a dick. That's fucking hot. I've only been with one girl, but it was incredible. She was a goddess! I can't imagine how good it would be if she had a big dick." "My time in high school was awesome! I spent most of it fucking and having fun. I had a threesome, I licked a girl's pussy, I had sex outdoors as much as I could. I have the sex drive of a rabbit! I've even had to force guys to give me more." .

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