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Tori Baker » A Cougarlicious Nurse

Tori, 47, is a nurse who lives in Boulder, Colorado. She is 5'1", weighs 105 pounds, wears 32DD bras and likes boyshorts and bikini panties. After busy, stressful shifts at work, she likes to hang out in coffee houses or restaurant/bars with her two best friends who are also "unattached." "Perhaps I'm a bit young to really be called a cougar, but I do go for younger guys," she said. "I've had a couple of flings with guys in their mid-20s and we were damned good in bed. I was as horny as they were and my recovery time, to be ready to go again, was as quick as their's was. I'm normally quite passive in bed, but with the younger guys I found myself being very aggressive. They liked it, and I did, too."
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Added on 11/27/2011 8:13am
Damm, wish i meet her in some coffee house someday. she is HOT
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