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Featuring: Mila Marx and Tyler Steel
Date: September 22nd, 2017
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"I've always been sexual. I first got my start experimenting with my best friend. We would have sleepovers and eat each other out all night. I thought I was a lesbian for the longest time! Then I started fooling around with boys and I was hooked. I'm definitely a size queen. I started off with a guy with a normal-sized cock, but even then I knew I needed more. I'm always on the hunt for a bigger dick. If a guy is too small, I'll let him fuck my ass. "I don't want to say that your stud is too small because he's definitely above average, but I didn't have to think twice about doing anal with him, and that probably tells you that he's not packing too much for me to handle. I've had guys with dicks so big, I couldn't even wrap my lips around the head.

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September 22, 2017
pic 15,16,17 thats all i needed!!!!!!! wow

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