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Mandy Hudson » "I did this for the dollars!"

"My job's boring,

but at least I get

paid," said Mandy.

"I'm not going to

college, so I guess I

have a long, working

life ahead of me

unless I marry a rich

guy or win the lottery.

I'm not into

movies and I can't

go into bars and

even some clubs, so

that just leaves partying

with friends or

having sex for

entertainment. I was

dating a guy before

he went away to

college. We hooked

up when he was

home and had some

great sex, and he

took these photos.

He suggested sending

them to NN to

make extra money."
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2 Member Comments
Added on 08/03/2012 7:57pm
Gorgeous! I hope you continue posing. I wish you'd left a little pubic hair unshaven, but at least you left a few hairs between your pussy and your asshole. Thank you!
Added on 05/29/2011 8:33pm
Superlative! Absolutely fantastic set, great gal. Sexy eye contact, cute smile, hot poses, variety of shots, good lighting, 86 pix, sexy striptease, quality hair/makeup, and a smokin' redhead to boot! NN staff, this is the level of quality your customers want and demand.
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