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Featuring: Mandy Hudson
Date: December 24th, 2010
Photos: 86
�My job�s boring, but at least I get paid,� said Mandy. �I�m not going to college, so I guess I have a long, working life ahead of me unless I marry a rich guy or win the lottery. I�m not into movies and I can�t go into bars and even some clubs, so that just leaves partying with friends or having sex for entertainment. I was dating a guy before he went away to college. We hooked up when he was home and had some great sex, and he took these photos. He suggested sending them to NN to make extra money.�.

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August 03, 2012
Gorgeous! I hope you continue posing. I wish you'd left a little pubic hair unshaven, but at least you left a few hairs between your pussy and your asshole. Thank you!
May 29, 2011
Superlative! Absolutely fantastic set, great gal. Sexy eye contact, cute smile, hot poses, variety of shots, good lighting, 86 pix, sexy striptease, quality hair/makeup, and a smokin' redhead to boot! NN staff, this is the level of quality your customers want and demand.

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