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Lexi Leigh

Featuring: Lexi Leigh
Date: October 15th, 2008
Photos: 76
"I'm sick of being a good girl and not taking any chances in life, so posing for these photos is the first step in my coming out process," said Lexi. "From now on I'm going to bend a few rules and perhaps break some. Just little ones that most other people do all the time. I aim to get wild when it comes to sex. I want to try everything that's not painful at least once, and I want to have been there and done that when-if-I settle down to get married. So that means a lezzie experience or two and two guys at once. So there goes my butthole, I guess. I'd like to go somewhere where we swapped partners, too. But just with another couple, not as part of a big, group-sex orgy. This is not just talk for the mag..I'm going to do it all!".

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