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Craves the Cock

Featuring: Haileey James and J Mac
Date: December 4th, 2015
Photos: 60
Here's the good news about Haileey James, a 20-year-old cocktail waitress from Columbus, Ohio: If you drive a crappy car, she doesn't care. She describes her dream car as "anything that gets me from Point A to Point B." Great. So Haileey isn't one of those stuck-up babes who'll only fuck rich guys. Now here's the bad news about Haileey: She likes hot guys with big dicks. But that's followed by more good news: She has taste up her ass, so even if most girls don't think you're hot, she might! The big dick, however, we can't help you with. Okay, so Haileey, who says she fucks two or three times a day (and you know there aren't enough good-looking men in the entire world to fulfill that sexual appetite) fucks on camera here. The guy? Clearly, he's no looker. You're better looking than him. Haileey will fuck you.

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