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Genevieve / Genevieve
December 10th, 2008
"I'll be fired for sure if the company finds out about me being in NN,” said Genevieve, "but I promised my boyfriend I'd do it, and that's more important to me than my job. He did something real specialâ€"and privateâ€"for me, and this is payback. But he really didn't have to talk me into it or anything: I'm a big-time flirt and exhibitionist and I love having guys check me out, wherever I am. You've had girls say it before in NN, I know, but I have to be so proper at work while the real me is far from it and I can't wait to bust loose after hours and enjoy myself.”.

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12/02/2013 3:37am
Big curvy and sexy.Just the way I like a lady.
08/12/2013 6:44pm
A very pretty young lady with a great figure, it's nice to see a woman with curves and in all the right places, very nice tits and ass

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