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40 Something Aug 2005 Sp_111

Featuring: Barushka
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She's 56, but feels like she's 18. She's twice divorced, but only recently had an orgasm with a man for the first time. And when she masturbates, she's able to cum without using her hands! There are a lot of reasons beautiful, mature women decide they want to pose for 40Something. Almost all of them will say that they had a sexual awakening on the level of a life-altering experience when they hit the big 4-0. Some add that they dumped-or got dumped by-their husbands, and getting naked in front of a camera to induce hard-ons in strangers is sweet revenge. Whatever the reason, we thank them all. But the moment she stepped inside the 40Something studio, all 5'5", 115 pounds of her, Barushka left no doubt in our minds-and in our pants-that she was something special. She's never even seen porn, much less posed naked. Sure, she's divorced, but that was a long time ago, and there's not a trace of bitterness in her blue-green eyes. She's the perfect California MILF, even though she has no idea what a MILF is.

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