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True Newcomer

Featuring: Ariel and Dimitri Long
Date: August 18th, 2017
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Ariel is a true newcomer. "I like getting to know people on a chill, no-pressure kind of basis. I like talking, going for a walk, maybe smoking a spliff and then getting a bite to eat. I'm not the kind of girl who jumps into the sack with a guy the moment we meet. That's what makes this whole porn thing funny. "I'm not in college yet, but I want to study psychology. I'm fascinated by the way the mind works. For instance, why did I choose to step outside of my comfort zone and fuck a guy on-camera? I'd love to delve into that and find out if there's a deep meaning behind that. I don't know if there is. I think I just really love getting fucked.

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